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Lululemon: Am Salzhaus 4, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Mindspace: Eurotheum, Neue Mainzer Str. 66-68, 3. Stock, 60311 Frankfurt am Main


10€ per sessions
NEW: You can attend 10 sessions for the price of 8 (80€) with our Medit8 Card
Drop-In sessions without registration

Class Overview

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In this class we focus on our breathing. We are constantly breathing. We are breathing right now. By focusing our attention on our breathing, we learn to be present and mindful. Breathing meditation supports a quiet and clear spirit, which in turn helps us relax and be present.

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Drawing our attention to our physical sensations does not only help us to relax. We also learn to observe things without bias and as they are. This allows us to achieve a more open and unbiased attitude in our everyday life.

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In this meditation we enhance our positive attitude towards ourselves and others. Step by step we learn to develop more compassion and a more appreciative attitude.

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Meditation in English

This class is for the english speaking community. The meditations will be guided in english. Here we will learn various meditation techniques.

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To begin we focus on our (natural) breathing, followed by a small movement. Guided physical tasks are matched to the rhythm of our breathing and synched in such a fashion that a meditation can emerge in movement. The lesson ends with a silent, seated meditation.

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Introduction to Meditation

This meditation is aimed at complete meditation beginners. We talk about the sitting posture, backgrounds, effects and easy meditation methods.

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Self practice

In this class we meditate together, without guidance. This requires some basic knowledge of meditation. Open for all languages.

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Regain your Focus

In our meditation during the lunch break we find our way back to our focus and a clear head. We use meditation to continue our day fresh and concentrated.

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After Work

Finish your day at work with our Afterwork-Sessions. The meditation helps us to leave our day behind us and to enjoy the rest of our day with a relaxed and clear mind.

Individual lessons

Eine Frau die mit geschlossenen Augen lächelt

Mindfulife offers evidence-based meditation and mindfulness. In our individual lessons we offer 60-minute sessions during which you will receive a personal introduction to meditation, tailored to your individual needs. This is helpful when diving into meditation (for the first time or deeper), to overcome obstacles and to create a daily routine.

The individual lessons are taught by psychologist and meditation instructor Philipp Nowak.

Content of individual lessons:

As early as the first session, the private lessons offer a package of theory and practice, tailored to individual needs. All methods taught have been scientifically found to be effective. In the individual lessons you will receive a repertoire of meditation methods, as well as support to develop a regular routine in your everyday life. We also compile a personal practice schedule to help you continue practicing at home. Studies show that only a few weeks of meditation have a positive effect. That is why we recommend a continued individual support after your first sessions, consisting of at least five regular sessions. This allows us to focus on your needs and guarantees a professional cooperation.


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