About The Mind: As the name suggests, our podcast delves into people's minds. As psychologists, topics related to the psyche and mental health are very important to us. These mainly include the focus on mental training, but also neuroscience, research, sleep, transhumanism, innovation and many other interesting aspects. Therefore, we have made it our mission to learn more about it and share it with you. For this reason, we invite experts from diverse fields to learn more about their work and knowledge. In addition, the guests are given the opportunity to share their greatest learnings and challenges with us and, of course, with you. These encounters move us - and we learn that there is still a lot we don't know and want to keep striving for more.

About the Mind-fulife

The "About the Mind" podcast is a heartfelt project of Mindfulife. If you find the topics from our podcast helpful or exciting, you might want to participate in our scientifically based meditation sessions participate. These can be done from the comfort of your own home and you are always welcome!

Write us your feedback, and also ideas for new guests or topics. Are you particularly interested in something?

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