Mindfulness in an educational context can be helpful in supporting young people’s development. Backed by the national program “Demokratie Leben” (eng. “living democracy”), Mindfulife is offering mindfulness classes for schools, having already worked with students of different educational levels. 

Scientific studies can attest to a variety of positive influences of mindful methods that are relevant for an educational setting:

Ein auf dem Boden liegendes Kind mit geschlossenen Augen, auf seinem Rücken ruhen die Hände eines anderen Kindes

It is important that during everyday school life, children learn how to cooperatively work with their peers, to be considerate of others and to solve conflicts productively. Meditation can be an effective tool to decrease aggression and increase prosocial behavior, leading to a more harmonic atmosphere. The goal is an enduring positive change of classroom climate, enabling a better development for the children individually as well as for the group as a whole.

Both private as well as academic demands create stress within children, potentially leading to headaches, difficulties focusing and other symptoms. Meditation helps students develop strategies to better cope with challenges. In addition, they learn to prevent stress in the first place and to protect their psychological well-being.

The school age is a crucial time during which the development and specification of one’s own identity as well as self-awareness take place. Meditation decreases destructive self-criticism, improving one’s identity perception and self-satisfaction.

On behalf of the children, parents and teachers, I would like to sincerely thank you for the mindfulness training you conducted. The introduced games and methods to better pay attention to oneself and others provide a gainful contribution to our everyday school life. A feeling of community within the classroom along with an alertness for emotions and well-being have stabilized as well as improved. Thank you very much indeed for the dedication of your team.

S. Busemann | PRINCIPAL – MATTHIAS CLAUDIUS SCHULE | translated into English Tweet
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