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Mental well-being - what is it actually and why is it so incredibly important?


Lately, when we think about our health, we increasingly come across the term "Mental well-being". But what exactly does that mean and how can it help us in our daily lives?

Positive mental health state

Mentally healthy people are characterised by the fact that they are in a positive mood, would describe themselves as content and go through life with self-confidence. The stability of our thoughts, emotions and behaviour plays a special role in this. Challenges do not quickly throw a mentally stable person off track, but they are able to deal with them in a self-determined and confident manner. Our mental health also contributes to stable relationships and generally helps us to be and remain resilient.

How do I do that?

But how do I manage to reach the state of mental health? We often focus on doing something good for our bodies and staying physically healthy. We exercise regularly, watch what we eat and also plan enough recovery time for the body - just lie on the sofa and do nothing. But what about the mental processes? Do we take the same care with our psyche? Hand on heart - do you pay as much attention to taking time off mentally or doing something good for yourself?

Change your mindset!

Mental well-being is not necessarily synonymous with mental relaxation - it also encompasses a positive mindset, the choices we make and the way we evaluate events in our lives. So it's a much broader concept. The way you work on your mental wellbeing can look different for each of us. While I'm reading a book on personal development, you may prefer to consciously focus on tastes when you eat, and your best friend, on the other hand, is making a list of stressors in her life that she wants to change.

Taking action

So how about thinking about how you can work on your mental wellness? Here are some suggestions from us:
- Make a list of activities that you enjoy doing
- Cut a vice out of your life
- Start a new hobby that you do just for you
-Take time out where no one can disturb you
- Identify personal stress triggers

We could continue this list indefinitely. The important thing is that you discover for yourself what is good for you and what is not. If you need support and would like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, please feel free to contact us. take part in one of our daily sessions part. We are convinced that meditation is an elementary building block of mental wellness! Alternatively, you are welcome to our guided meditations watch in the video!

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