Meditation Teacher Training

Become a meditation teacher online from the comfort of your home

What you need to know:

We are looking forward to teaching you key foundations in the field of mindfulness and meditation in our meditation teacher training course. Experienced meditation teachers and psychologists have contributed to our program, resulting in an exciting mixture of scientifically based content - all of which is easy to follow. To enable you to work as a meditation teacher after the training, you will also learn how to lead meditations in a variety of environments.

Duration of the training:

The learning content and meditation teacher training includes 100 hours.


Regullär: 1620 Euro. Eine Ratenzahlung ist auch möglich.

The special feature:

The online training takes place through our Mindfulife Academy, which means you can complete your training comfortably at your own pace and independent of location.

Start of the training:


What do the participants say?

Training curriculum


Introduction to meditation - what is it and what is not?
The history of meditation and different traditions
Different meditation techniques
Effects of meditation on cognitive, psychological and neurobiological functions


Learning to instruct and practice: How do I teach the theoretical and scientific background in a way that is easy to understand? 
Answers to frequently asked questions about the meditation sessions
Various meditation techniques are covered and practised.

Support after the training

A group of certified participants remains for exchange among themselves
Mindfulife is currently looking for support for our own team! If you are interested, please contact us here.


Own regular meditation practice. (The training is not a meditation course for beginners). The focus is on deepening the practice and above all on imparting content to future students.
Interest in learning about the scientific findings and effects of meditation

Who is behind the training

Maria Müller-Hornbach Meditationslehrer Ausbildung

Maria Müller-Hornbach

Maria is a meditation teacher, philosopher, sinologist and Chinese teacher. She has been meditating for many years and has had the opportunity to learn from a number of modern and traditional teachers. In order to be able to pass on the practice of meditation to others, she trained as a meditation teacher with Mindfulife in 2020 and now works as a meditation teacher and trainer for Mindfulife.
Alina Claßen Meditationslehrer Ausbildung Neurowissenschaft

Alina Claßen

Alina, as a passionate biologist and meditation teacher, works alongside Mindfulife at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne in the field of neuroscience. She loves to inspire people with her expertise and experience in these fields.
Philipp Nowak Meditationslehrer Ausbildung

Philipp Nowak

Philipp is a psychologist (M. Sc.) with a focus on clinical psychology, yoga and meditation trainer and co-founder of Mindfulife. He co-hosts the podcast "About the Mind" and is involved in various scientific studies in the field of meditation and mindfulness.

Join us and become a certified Mindfulife Trainer!

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of meditation and be part of our next training? Then fill out this contact form to register bindingly. In the next step, we will send you further information and a contract.You have further questions? We will be happy to help you and look forward to receiving your e-mail at Subject: Training 2022

Frequently asked questions

Is my meditation experience sufficient?
You should not be a beginner and have a basic level of experience. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us and send us an email.
In which areas are meditation teachers active?
The trained teachers teach quite differently. Some incorporate it into their work (e.g. in health care, education, creative jobs, etc.), others support our work in the online meditation studio, in private classes or in corporate outreach.
Which meditation techniques are taught in the training?
Focus (Shamata/Shine), mindfulness (Vipassana), and metta meditation are taught.
How does the exchange with the trainers and other participants take place?
There is a weekly consultation hour during which a regular exchange takes place. Participation is not compulsory. If the fixed day of the week does not fit, there will be alternatives. In addition, you will receive individual feedback on audio recordings you make during the training (where you lead meditations). So there will be plenty of opportunities for exchange.
Are there common dates and when will they take place?
There are common retreat days via Zoom that take place monthly on Saturdays. As these take place monthly, you are flexible and can easily make them up in the following month if you are unable to attend. Participation in three retreat days is a compulsory part of the training.
Are the retreat days and online studio membership included in the total price?
The retreat days are included in the price, as is online membership of the online studio during your training.
In what form are the teaching materials provided and how long are they available?
The teaching materials will be permanently available to you in the form of a detailed and complete script after completion of the training. All of the content of the training is provided in written form as well as in videos, so that you have a solid reference book at hand after successful completion of the training.
Will there be knowledge quizzes?
There is a knowledge test. In the learning platform, all content is divided into individual chapters and subchapters, on the one hand in videos and on the other hand in written form, which is very detailed but easy to digest. There are knowledge quizzes after each step, so that you really go through a process and can absorb the content well.
The training can be done at your own pace. Is there a time when the training must be completed at the latest?
The training consists of 100 hours. The training will usually be completed in May. The earliest possible completion would be in April. Depending on your own pace, you can finish later in monthly cycles.
Will there be a final examination with certificate and if so, in what form?
There will be a theory and a practical exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate as a Mindfulife trainer. As meditation teacher is not a protected term, this certifies that upon successful completion, the standard we set for ourselves is met.
How can I pay?
Payment is possible by bank transfer. You will find the bank details in your training contract.
What do I need to know about payment by instalments?
The training can be paid in instalments without any disadvantage for you. This means that the sum is the same as if you were to pay the total price all at once. We are happy to accommodate you in individual cases if the normal division into 4-6 monthly instalments is not possible for you. For this, you are welcome to approach us and tell us eine Mail schreiben.

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Become a meditation teacher - we are happy to support you.

If you have any further questions, please email Subject: Training 2022
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