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Social Projects - Meditation @ School

Mindfulness in a school environment is a helpful support for the development of young people. Therefore, Mindfulife offers mindfulness lessons for schools and has already worked successfully with different grade levels, supported by the federal funding program "Democracy Live".
Scientific studies have been able to show many positive effects of mindfulness methods that are relevant for the school context.

Effects of meditation in the school context

Positive influence on behavior and teamwork

In school, it is important that children learn how to work together with others, show consideration and resolve conflicts. Meditation can play a big part in developing these skills, as it leads to a reduction in aggression as well as an improvement in social behavior, thus promoting a harmonious environment. The goal is to achieve a lasting positive change in the classroom climate which helps in both individual development as well as the classroom dynamic.

Better management of difficulties and stress

The demands of school and home life can cause stress in children, which can lead to difficulty concentrating, headaches and other symptoms. Meditation helps students develop more strategies to deal those difficulties, while also preventing stress and protecting their mental health.

Improved self-awareness

Youth is an important time when the development and formation of one's identity and self-awareness takes place. Meditation promotes the improvement of self-criticism, identity perception, and self-satisfaction. It can also affect a child’s self-image in an ethical, personal, familial as well as social context.
On behalf of the children, parents and teachers, I would like to thank you very much for the Mindfulness Project.
The games and methods we learned to pay better attention to ourselves and our fellow human beings represent a valuable contribution to our everyday school life. Class community, attention to feelings, and general well-being have stabilized and improved.
Thank you very much for the commitment of your team.
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