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Effectiveness of Meditation - A Survey

The positive effect of meditation has already been investigated in numerous studies. Since Mindfulife as a provider of meditations has a special value [...]

On mindfulness, self-compassion and friendship with yourself

In this episode, Tonka and Philipp talk to social psychologist Aljoscha Dreisörner. He gives valuable tips on how to deal with stress ( in front of [...]

Mental Load - Making the Invisible Visible

There are always stressful phases and less stressful phases in life. At first, invisible tasks that have to be managed in everyday life [...].

Can you influence the sensation of pain through mindfulness?

A summary of the second podcast episode In this episode Tonka and Philipp talk to Christopher Lalk. Christopher is a psychology student and has [...]

Can meditation help with back pain?

There are now many preventive and therapeutic methods based on mindfulness and meditation. Jon Kabat-Zinn has developed the mindfulness-based stress reduction [...].

Burnout: Causes, signs and tips

According to the definition in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), burnout is an occupational phenomenon and not a [...].

4 Years of Mindfulife - An Interview

"Our entire business is guided by the guiding principle of teaching, inspiring and supporting people to achieve a healthy [...]

How can leaders use meditation?

In recent years, the world of work has not only become more digital - it is also becoming more agile. This has not [...]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

We all have ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour that we don't like, that disturb us and also prevent us from realising ourselves. [...]

Dealing with fear and worry in difficult times - 6 tips

It is better to light a single small light than to curse the darkness. Confucius The first rays of the sun announce the beginning [...]

Does an online meditation programme have a positive effect on students' stress levels and mindfulness?

Young adults face many stressors in higher education - from academic rigour to limited financial resources. Also [...]

The 5 Best Meditation Techniques To-Go

You're looking for a way to quickly relieve stress, have a short moment just for you and / or feel [...]

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