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Get a strong immune system through meditation

Improving the Immune System can be tough in the current situation in which the Covid 19 Outbreak limits our life. But what can we nevertheless for improving the immune system? 

We tend to be aware of the fact that fresh air, movement, balance and a healthy diet influence our immune system. But what about meditation, how can it be implemented as a preventive measure for health? This article addresses how we can help ourselves by improving the immune system through meditation.

Arranging life in a new way – time to introduce meditation to it!

Due to the current situation, many companies have sent their employees to their home offices; schools and University events were cancelled and only limited opportunities are available for activities. Now we are faced with the challenge of arranging our daily life in a different way. Now, while rearranging your life, try to incorporate mindfulness into it and get to know the benefits which we will take a closer look at now.

What does our immune system do anyway?

Before we get started with the benefits of meditation for our immune system, let’s give a short explanation of the immune system.

Our immune system is our body’s own defense system and helps us to avert various pathogens, fight them and protect our health. However, we should not take it for granted – we can and should do something to support its good work. This includes a balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, enough body movement, enough fresh air and sleep, decreasing stress, drinking enough and so on and so forth.

Now let’s move on to what meditation can do for improving the immune system.

Meditation and health

Meditation is already associated with many positive effects on well-being, especially with regard to mental health. But indeed, the effects on physical health and the immune system have also been observed. 

Reducing the need of medical services ad doctor visits

A study shows that people need less medical services after they have participated in any meditation course. In addition, a reduction of doctor visits has also been observed. These observations can be attributed to a reduction in physical and psychological symptoms and an increase in self-esteem through meditation.

Freedom from fear and greater antibody concentration

Furthermore, brain researchers found that mindfulness training (duration: 8 weeks) had significant effects on brain activity and immune function. After the training, increased activity was observed in the left frontal lobe. It was accompanied by increased antibody concentration in the blood and freedom from fear.

And there is more…

If one looks at meta-analyses, which include the results of many different studies, it can be established that meditation and mindfulness have even more positive effects on health, even if they are not directly related to each other biologically. It is reported that meditation allows reevaluating negative thoughts, focusing better and better classifying physical reactions. Meditation and mindfulness develop the ability to regulate one’s attention and emotions and this can be accompanied by improved health.

Improving the immune system with meditation – The article in its briefs

  • In the ongoing situation it is important to have a strong immune system
  • Meditation can help to reduce the need for visits to the doctor
  • The concentration of antibodies in the blood can be influenced by mindfulness courses
  • meditation promotes better health in general due to better regulation of one’s attention and emotions

Now it’s your turn!

You can start to improve your immune system with the help of meditation right away by starting your meditation practice. Best to start is to begin your day with some quiet minutes of meditation. Why not check out our beginner meditation on Youtube tomorrow morning? 

We gladly support you! Find our diverse offers for individuals here, as well as a lot of short meditations on our Youtube channel

Moreover, on our Blog you can find a lot of interesting articles related to meditation, which will expand your knowledge.


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