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Corinna Heindl

Corinna is a meditation teacher, author of the book "Lichtblick Liebe" and social educator. - She leads the Mindful Heart course at Mindfulife. In this meditation class, the focus is consciously directed to the heart. A regular practice will support to open the heart, to leave the critical inner voice behind, as well as to meet oneself and others lovingly.

How did you get into meditation? What was your meditation journey?

I came to meditation mainly through my brother Sebastian. It was also him who encouraged me again and again to keep at it. Meditation is often not easy at the beginning, because when you stop distracting yourself constantly and there is no more numbing, so many things can find their way to the light of day. I felt the same way when I first started meditating. It brought a lot of emotional pain, resistance and inner conflicts. But I also found a method, an unbelievably powerful tool, which helped me to go through all this and to stand strengthened in life.

Why are you offering this course? What added value does your course bring?

Since I published a book about love and this is one of my life and favorite topics besides meditation, I want to combine these two things in my sessions at Mindfulife - meditation & love. Out of this was born: "mindful heart". In these meditation sessions we consciously direct the focus on our heart. A regular practice supports you to open your heart, to leave the critical inner voice behind, as well as to meet yourself and others lovingly.  It is magical to go through life with a mindful, open heart, full of trust and compassion.

Mindful heart Meditation mit Fokus auf dem Herzen

What value does meditation have in your life?

Meditation is a gift. It brings me more focus, ease and inner peace. In the past, I was often driven by restlessness and inner turmoil. I constantly wanted to do something, often rushed from one appointment to the next and one trip chased the one before. Until one day, completely exhausted, I asked myself what I was actually looking for and what all this was giving me. It felt like something essential was missing in my life, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks to meditation, today I have found my heart's path and can stand up for my needs. It has also helped me to realize what is really important and what is perhaps more incidental.

In which moments do you realize that meditation is good for you?

Every day in daily practice. Because meditation simply adds value to my life.

Describe in 3 words how you feel after meditation

Focused. Connected. Satisfied

What was your most beautiful feedback after a meditation?

Difficult 😀 there I can not commit to a particular or even single out a particular. Even a simple and heartfelt thank you is enough that it brings a smile to my face :). Otherwise, I'm happy to hear when people find my voice pleasant , can engage well with it and arrive at themselves.

What was your most beautiful experience (that you had during meditation)?

This question is not so easy to answer. I have already been able to gather many different experiences and have gained some insights for my life through meditation. I find it particularly beautiful, for example, when I feel incredibly blissful and satisfied and have the feeling that I want to embrace the whole world, regardless of things outside - then my ear always starts to tingle :). Or also when in a meditation suddenly out of nowhere a blockage is released, I start to cry strongly and afterwards, however, I feel incredibly calm and peaceful.

What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome in meditation?

Making time for it every day and sticking to it

What are your tips for people who would like to start meditating (and may be struggling at the beginning)?

Practice every day, even if only briefly. Don't make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself by imposing any rules. Meditation can be fun. Let go of all your expectations - be open and just gain experience. You can trust that you will get something back from meditating ;).

Who is your course suitable for? What is your target group?

Für jede/n der Freude hat Meditation zu üben 🙂


If you want to try meditation for yourself, we welcome you to our online meditation studio. From the comfort of your home, you can participate in one of our many expert-led meditation sessions. We are looking forward to seeing you! Online Meditation Studio . From the comfort of your own home, you can take part in one of our many expert-led meditation sessions.

We are already looking forward to seeing you!

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