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Effectiveness of Meditation - A Survey


The positive effects of meditation have already been investigated in numerous studies. Since Mindfulife, as a provider of meditation, attaches particular importance to the scientific foundation of its offers, we also participate in research and check the effectiveness of our measures. In this article, we would like to present the results of a study in which we interviewed participants in our meditation programmes.

General data

The survey participants were predominantly female (76%) and worked full time (71%). On average, they had previous experience with occupational health management (76%), but only 38% of the participants answered "yes" to the question of whether they had previous experience with meditation.

Stress load before meditation

Were they stressed in the last few months before participating in the meditation?

Here, only 5% of the respondents stated that they had "rather not" or "not at all" been stressed. 95% of the participants stated that they had been at least "partly" stressed, and 19% even felt the stress "very strongly". Both the work and private environment were indicated as sources of stress, whereby the stress caused by the work environment was more frequently perceived as "clearly" or "very strongly" stressful.

Meditation effectiveness

Did the meditation do them good at that moment?

Here, 90% of the participants stated that meditation "always" (43%) or at least "often" (47%) did them good in the moment of meditation.

Did the meditation do them good at that moment?

Were you more relaxed/balanced directly after the meditation? Were you more motivated to continue working after the meditation?

Especially the relaxation after meditation showed a clear positive effect: 86% of the respondents said they "always" or "often" felt more relaxed. No participant stated that they "rather did not" feel relaxed.

Motivation after meditation was perceived as improved by 52% of the participants, 28% said they were "partly" more motivated. 10% could not notice any improvement and 10% stated "don't know".

Are you less stressed compared to the months before? Are you more balanced overall (professionally/privately) as a result of meditation?

Stress levels were seen as at least "partly" improved by 66% of respondents, and balance by 90%. Only 24% reported "hardly" an improvement in stress levels and only 10% reported "hardly" an improvement in balance.

Increased balance
Meditation effectiveness
Stress level compared to before


The duration of the meditation was described as appropriate by 81% of the participants, the others felt the duration was too short. None of the participants found the meditation too long.

67% reported that they use the methods learned in the meditation sessions in their everyday life. 76% reported that they take more time for mindfulness since the measure. The expectations of our meditation programme were met by 95% of the participants.


Our meditation exercise managed to significantly reduce the stress levels of the participants in this survey. Not only during the exercise did the mediation create a relaxed mood, but it was also able to increase balance and relaxation in the medium term. The respondents were also able to take away methods for mindfulness and relaxation from the sessions for their everyday life.


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