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Unlimited Classes
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Julia Pohlers

Meditation teacher

Julia has had a daily Buddhist meditation practice for many years. She has found that meditating in the morning not only gets the day off to a good start, but usually just goes better, - especially at work. Julia writes her meditations herself and it is important to her that you can become fully present in your body while meditating. Julia sees body presence as essential to get out of thinking and thus to be able to dive into a meditative state.

Katrin Hadamik

Meditation teacher

Katrin found her way to meditation during a semester abroad in India and has since integrated it as an integral part of her everyday life. She works in in-house consulting for a large MDAX company and knows from her own experience that meditation can help you maintain your inner balance, especially in stressful times. Her meditation style is calm and sensitive, which makes it easy for you to fully immerse yourself in meditation.

Philipp Nowak

Meditation Teacher & Psychologist

Philipp is a psychologist with a focus on clinical psychology. He is a speaker, training manager and has been practicing meditation for more than ten years. He is also involved in research on relevant themes, such as mindfulness, digital solutions at the workplace and health interventions/initiatives for mental well-being.

Julia Mankowski

Meditation teacher

Julia is a practitioner of meditation with all her spirit. For her, meditation is part of everyday life without which she can't envision her life. Every day she discovers how meditation allows her to live more in the moment and harmonize the mind and body. She sees her practice as a mental exercise for her and her brain to perform better.

Katharina Bauer

Meditation Teacher & Psychologist

Katharina is a psychological counsellor (B.Sc Psychology) and an aspiring trainer in MBSR. The essence of her everyday life is yoga and nature. She is distinguished by her sensitivity to help others to find peace and balance in life.

Dr. Simon Schindler

Meditation teacher & Social psychologist

Simon holds a doctorate in Psychology and Habilitation. He has authored and published numerous scientific articles in renowned international journals and also released a media report on his research on mindfulness. He is invited to speak at various conferences on the subject of meditation. Simon has been practicing mindfulness meditation himself for over ten years.

Tamara Laudt

Meditation teacher

Tamara has been introduced to meditation through Yoga. After learning the Himalayan traditions for meditation in India, Tamara returned to further expand her knowledge and finally completed her meditation training in Germany. Now she wants to support you on your way to a meditation regimen to be more mindful & focused, be compassionate and, above all to know yourself better.

Maria Müller-Hornbach

Meditation teacher & Philosopher

Maria has been meditating for eight years and has since been able to learn from a number of traditional and modern practitioners. The practice helped her to attain living in the moment, regardless of whether the situation is pleasant or adverse. To this day, Mary considers this as a small miracle and therefore recommends all to every so often pause and discover the beauty and richness of the present moment. She is now looking forward to share her knowledge and support others to discover and learn along the way!


Dietmar Schinkel

Teacher Training

Dietmar has been working as a clerk for a large German MDAX company for 34 years. He is also a trained yoga and meditation teacher. His meditation style is grounded, characterized by joy, compassion, lightness and calmness. A perfect mix for our online meditation studio.

Seher Emiroglu

Meditation teacher & Author

Seher's days consist of pedagogical work at a ‘Kinderladen’, psychology studies, authorship and many other creative projects. Meditation allows her not to lose sight of the essentials of living. She is passionate to share her insights and knowledge through teaching meditation and supporting others.

Trang Pham Thi

Meditation teacher

Working as a Relationship Manager in a global research company, Trang’s daily lives consist of communicating with various stakeholders, conducting analyses and parallel projects. A clear mind is essential for a healthy work life balance. And therefore, Trang brings a lot of experience in integrating meditation into her everyday personal and professional life. She is looking forward to contribute to preserve mental wellness and a better as well as loving coexistence.

Tonka Nikolova

Meditation Teacher & Psychologist

Tonka is a qualified psychologist with focus on clinical as well as work & organizational psychology. Themes such as health initiatives in the workplace, mental training and well-being are of special interest to her. In her daily life, she gained more peace and clarity through meditation. With her liveliness and positive outlook, she is an inspiration to people.

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