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Online meditation for beginners

Online meditation for beginners and advanced with real authentic teachers and different techniques in groups or in private lessons. With us you will find the way to a more balanced everyday life with more diversity and serenity.
We are here for you to offer the virtual space "Breathing Space". With a warm community, you can learn and meditate from anywhere.
We offer you different ways to participate. Choose what suits you best!

Online Introduction Course to Meditation

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This course consists of 4 Appointments (45 minutes each) and always starts at the beginning of the month. In the consecutive sessions you will learn the basics of meditation. This course is suitable if you really want to start from scratch or if you want to deepen/refresh your knowledge. The price is 40,00€.
Online-Meditation für Anfänger - auch in Person

One to one meditation

Mindfulife offers scientifically based online meditation for beginners or advanced meditators - if you like, of course, also at our place. In our private classes we offer 60-minute sessions where you get a personal introduction to meditation based on your individual needs. This is helpful for diving (new or deeper) into meditation practice, overcoming challenges, and developing a daily routine. The private classes are led by psychologist and meditation teacher Philipp Nowak.
Contents of private lessons:
Introduction to meditation with a focus on the effect of meditation on the psyche and brain.
Learning different methods of meditation
Addressing personal needs
Creation of an individual exercise plan
Accompaniment by an experienced teacher
Info on books and sources for self-study
The private lessons offer already in the first hour a round package of theory and practice, tailored to your individual needs. Only meditation methods whose effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific studies are taught. In the personal appointments you will be given a repertoire of meditation methods, as well as support to develop a regular routine for your daily life. A personal practice plan will also be created so that you can continue to practice at home. Studies have shown that meditation leads to demonstrable effects after just a few weeks. Therefore, after the first hour of private instruction, we recommend that you continue with individual guidance, consisting of at least five regularly scheduled appointments. This way, your individual needs can be better addressed and professional guidance can be guaranteed. If desired, the private lessons can also take place online.

Online Meditation for Beginners - Why Mindfulife?

Wir von Mindfulife sehen Meditation nicht nur als unsere Beschäftigung, sondern unsere Passion. Unsere ausgebildeten Meditationslehrer leben mit Herzblut Achtsamkeit und Meditation und sind was Themen rund um die Psychologie angeht immer auf dem neuesten Stand. Durch unsere Erfahrung  sind wir dazu in der Lage, die modernen Herausforderungen wie Sorgen und Stress zu erkennen und unseren Kunden die bestmöglichsten Perspektiven zu bieten. Dabei verlieren wir die Einzelperson nie aus dem Sichtfeld: Mit unserer Expertise gestalten wir einen Plan, der perfekt auf Dich zugeschnitten ist und dich erfolgreich in ein achtsameres Leben begleiten wird. Unsere Online-Meditation für Anfänger ist genauso wie unsere Workshops durch seine Einfachheit und Unverbindlichkeit eine bequeme Alternative zum Studio vor Ort. Lies mehr über uns und unsere Vision!
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